Touching Evil

Returning from a year-long psychological leave of absence after surviving a gunshot wound to the head, a detective is assigned to the F.B.I.'s new Organized and Serial Crime Unit (O.S.C.U.)...

Genre: Crime , Drama

Director: Paul Abbott

Country: USA , Canada

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2004

IMDb: 7.9

Season 1 - Touching Evil
"Three years after being shot, falling out of a window, dying, and coming back to live, David Creegan is assigned to work with Detective Susan Branca. Their first case is disappearance of three boys."
"A woman is burned to death with strange markings on her body, which draws similarities to a previous victim. Creegan and Branca investigate, and think their perpetrator is man obsessed with fire."
"Three women are found beaten to death outside of a strip club. All three were dressed like Justine Hazelton, a former prostitute serving time for murdering six pimps in the early 1990s."
"The team are searching for a serial killer, nicknamed the Hangman. Stephen Laney, a reporter and a former acquaintance of Branca's, has been following the Hangman's murder spree for a year."
"The bodies of three men are found at a monument. They all have the same heart tattoo and drilled holes in their heads."
"Four teenagers mutilate horses and film their antics, but one of them backs out. The OSC intervenes as they think that whomever attacked the horses will eventually kill people."
"A girl named Emily Akins is murdered, and the suspect is Mr. Clean, a serial killer who is out on parole but is missing."
"A couple is found shot in their own home and their son is missing. Their murder is connected to a string of murders done by a man nicknamed the Morning Person."
"A string of murders lead the OSC to Boston and to Father Bob Di Fabian who heard the Blade Runner's confession."
"A man is killed in a knife attack. The OSC thinks the suspect is 6 foot tall, heavy-set with a mental illness, like Creegan's friend Cyril."
"A man finds his wife's dead body in the trunk of his car, with her heart removed. Branca, Rivers and Enright travel to Port Endicott, Oregon where there have been similar cases."
"Three ICU patients die in a hospital. They all have traces of a drug that speeds up the heart rate in their systems and the words \"let me go back\" written on the backs of their necks."
"The San Francisco team investigates the mysterious deaths of patients in intensive care, who were being treated by a doctor known to be sympathetic to mercy killing."
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