Free Meek

Chronicling the life of Philadelphia based rap artist, Meek Mill, from his rise in music to his incarceration and eventual release from prison.

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 0

Season 1 - Free Meek
"Meek Mill is a hip-hop superstar but got his start as a battle rapper on the streets of Philly\u2019s roughest neighborhoods. At age 19, a violent encounter with law enforcement sends him to jail and ensnares him in the justice system. He will spend the next 11 years trying to break free of its grasp."
"Judge Genece Brinkley finds Meek guilty of gun and drug charges and sentences him to 11 \u00bd to 23 months in jail and 10 years of probation."
"Meek struggles with probation as his personal life spirals out of control."
"Private investigators take a deep dive into Meek\u2019s original arrest and discover new clues."
"Protesters surround the courthouse as Judge Brinkley decides Meek\u2019s fate."